Commonwealth Technology Group, Inc.(CWTG) was started in January 1991. The original owners transfered their ownership in July of 1991.

In 1991 CWTG start performing hardware and software services for Allied Signal, Miss Utility of Virginia, and serveral other industrial and utility customers within Virginia.

In 1998 CWTG created MUTIM. MUTIM was created for Miss Utility of Virginia. MUTIM stood for Miss Utility Ticket Information Manager. MUTIM was licensed to Miss Utility to receive and send Utility Locate data via a modem.

In 2001 CWTG was requested to create a multi-state, multi-organization, multi-mode Ticket Manager, Polaris was started.

In 2004 CWTG add a Map Viewer and Geospatial tools into Polaris.

In 2007 CWTG was requested to create a set of Electric Coop modules.

In 2009 CWTG added Automated Vehicle Locating to the various Polaris system.

In 2010 CWTG added interconnectivty to ClickB4UDig ticket screening software.

In 2012 CWTG made all order processing geospatial.

In 2013 CWTG made New Facility Mapping System.

In 2015 CWTG made a connection to Milsoft OMS Outage Management System.

In 2016 CWTG made a Electric Coop. Operations General Order, Transmission General and Substation General Orders

In 2017 CWTG made a system to manage locate requests for I66 Project

In 2018 CWTG made Electric Coop. Switching Order System, Abnormal Voltage Control Board, and Headway Request and Monitoring system

In 2019 CWTG made a Vegetation Management System for some of its customers.

Polaris Workforce is a workforce management framework. The basic system includes the data warehouse, user database, and mobile responder. The first step to designing a system, is to select as many, or as few, of the features below that you would like to add. Then, because Commonwealth Technology Group is a design house, we will meet with you and discuss any further customization that you may be interested in. This allows customers to play an integral part in creating a system that perfectly fits their needs. Workforce can also integrate with other systems for better communication (OMS, CIS, and MWFM can share data and work in harmony). Systems are designed to fit your operations as opposed to providing a system that your operations have to conform to. Thus, all Workforce systems are unique.


E-Work allows you to manage and dispatch any work order type directly to the field. Mobile users can then see all of their assigned work geographically displayed on a map and respond in real time to those orders. E-work can also communicate to other systems (OMS, CIS…) and serve as the originator of orders, the destination, or sometimes both. All of your operational software can work in unison.

Locate can receive and manage locate request from all 50 states and Canada. Technicians can respond directly from the field via positive response or contractor emails and faxes. Mobile users can view all of their work geographically on a map and the system will auto route and provide turn by turn directions to maximize efficiency.

Track utility damages from occurrence all the way through collections. This includes converting investigations to a digital format, standardizing them, and allowing the investigator or repair technician to complete the investigation on site. We will also provide a cost calculator that will capture all material and labor that is spent on the repair.

Keep track of your most valuable assets: employees and vehicles. AVL will tell you where vehicles/users are, were, and when connected with other Polaris products or partner integrations, AVL will show where vehicles/users were when responding to orders. Multiple base maps are included.

Polaris Mapper is a world class GIS viewer. It is super-fast, allows for many layers, and provides customizable short cut buttons for ease of use. It also includes an intuitive search function: search for addresses, streets, on a single element with in the shape file.

Our Alert system gives great control and flexibility. Set holiday hours, after-hours, and cascade responsibilities to make sure critical care is provided on emergencies and other alert-able events. Alerts may be sent out via text message, e-mail, or both in order to best suit your needs.

Trees are one of the major causes of power outages in areas with overhead utility lines. When trees contact live wires they may become conductors of electricity, cause power outages, or create dangerous situations for anyone near or around the trees. Pole inspections, herbicide applications, and tree growth regulators (TGRs) are examples of just a few preventative maintenance solutions that exist. Many other methods are helpful, and the good news is that with Polaris Vegetation Management software, you can manage all of them. Customize work order types, servicing methods, and the tree-trimming companies you work with.

Timekeeper is an electronic time clock that is built into the system. Employees punch in, and punch out via buttons. Managers can then approve time, and reports can be exported for payroll purposes.